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Feel great for life with Wellbeing


We all need to take time out to focus on improving the core conditions of our existence and our overall well being; a state defined by our health, happiness, welfare and prosperity. Wellbeing gives its members a helping hand to do just this through a worldwide network of luxury health and fitness partners. Our Partners can be found within the fields of personal training, fitness, nutrition, spa's, physiotherapy, healthcare, Pilates, Yoga, health and beauty. Wellbeing is proud to facilitate a direct relationship between members and partners. Wellbeing members are entitled to exclusive privileges with all partners, whenever they choose to enrich and enhance their leisure time.

Feel great for life with Wellbeing


Wellbeing was created by luxury lifestyle expert David Johnstone to meet the health, fitness and leisure demands of world renowned brand, Key-2 Luxury. Founded in 2004, Key-2 Luxury was created to link 1,000s of high-net-worth individuals with 100s of premium luxury brands from across the world. From 2004 to 2010 the silver Key-2 Luxury key ring could not be purchased by the general public and was exclusively available for premium companies to purchase as the ultimate corporate gift to give to their VIPs and was acclaimed by the Financial Times as “one corporate gift to rule them all”.

Lord Stanley Fink & David Johnstone

In 2006 Key-2 Luxury caught the attention of leading hedge fund impresario Lord Fink who at the time was Vice Chairman at Man Group PLC, “having purchased key rings for my top clients, a year later I was so impressed by Key-2 Luxury and excited by its future, I became a director and a co-shareholder”.

2011 saw Key-2 Luxury as the official invitation to The Global Party, giving Key-2 Luxury true global status, increasing and cementing its resonance across the world, to over 70 cities and 40 countries.

Key-2 Luxury and Wellbeing continues growing from strength-to-strength creating a loyal connection between our Partners and Memberships. This connection secures exclusive privileges, 1 to 3 personal contacts with our partners, VIP privileges and personal recommendations across the world.

Feel great for life with Wellbeing

Proud to Support

The Global Charity Trust works with a range of charities from small projects to large endeavors, with a focus on health, the elderly, education, the environment and children’s welfare. The Global Charity Trust’s philanthropic mission is to have social conscience and to directly support many worldwide charity projects by raising funds and awareness. It was created by David Johnstone, CEO and Founder of the Free Holdings group with his partner and fellow trustee, Lord Stanley Fink. The Global Charity Trust is established under the Charities Aid Foundation registered charity number (268369).

The Global Charity Trust supports many local and international charities through an awe-inspiring charity initiative called ‘THE MOVEMENT’. This simple philanthropic support is achieved by your business through donating a fixed amount, to a charity of your choice via The Global Charity Trust, per sale of a selected item or service. Consumers who purchase this specified item or service will then also be actively supporting THE MOVEMENT by giving back through life’s little luxuries. All businesses that are part of THE MOVEMENT are recognised in an online luxury atlas which guides users to them using a locator functionality and promotes their philanthropic efforts.


The Global Party is the world’s largest invite-only VIP event and is growing annually in it’s philanthropic reach. Infamously launching in 2011 at The Natural History Museum and aboard The Orient Express, this inspirational event brings together the luxury industry in support of The Global Charity Trust. Each year throughout September The Global Party in collaboration with the world’s 5* hotels, finest art galleries, restaurants, bars and nightclubs will once again raise funds and awareness for a vast array of worthy causes, in over 360 cities worldwide.


Global VIP Privileges

Wellbeing aims to compliment and facilitate the lifestyle needs of our Wellbeing members, in the world of health, fitness and leisure. Our Partners achieve this by offering their premium services with exclusive privileges, personal contacts and exceptional added value, to our members.
The areas we will offer Partner recommendations into are – Training and Fitness, Health and Beauty, Physiotherapy and Healthcare, Spa's, Pilates, Yoga, Products and Nutrition.


With the pace of modern day life, it is important to find time to reflect, relax and indulge a little. Wellbeing has identified the world's most luxurious spas and joined with them as Partners. Members can expect unique privileges in addition to the highest level of service, with the latest treatments, facilities and products.

Health & Beauty

The importance and popularity of Health and Beauty to achieving a desired sense of Wellbeing should never be underestimated. Everyone wants to look and feel their best! At the pinnacle of their disciplines; hairdressers, make-up artists, therapists and practitioners are mastering their skills to cater for beauty needs from top to toe. Wellbeing partners with the best providers of Health and Beauty services. Our Partners offer their premium services as well as exclusive privileges to Wellbeing members.

Training & Fitness

With today's knowledge of human physiology, combined with advanced training principles and high quality facilities, the fitness industry has never been better positioned to deliver results. Whether your goal is weight loss, fitness, body recomposition or is specific to a sport; Wellbeing's recommended Partners are perfectly positioned to get you to your goal.

Physiotherapy & Healthcare

From prehab to rehab, massage to postural correction, treatments to check ups, we must all be conscious of our well being. Our recommended Partners are the best in the business and offer unique privileges to all Wellbeing members. Use our convenient smartphone app or website to locate the closest partnering healthcare facility or medical center, wherever you are in the world.


The modern day understanding of the importance of movement patterns when building strength has established Pilates as one of the most popular training methods of today, and led to it becoming one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise around the world. Wellbeing partners with the very best Pilates studios, instructors and experts in this respected discipline, to bring you otherwise unobtainable privileges when you are booking your class.



Yoga is perhaps one of the oldest and most respected practices, combining physical, mental and spiritual strength. The practice of yoga aims to bring a sense of inner peace, which in the modern day can be hard to achieve. Wellbeing partners with yoga practitioners in disciplines ranging from Vinyasa to Bikram to Ashtanga, entitling members to exceptional privileges at studios all around the world.

Equipment and Products

Wellbeing partners with the purveyors of training equipment, health supplements, products and fitness attire. Whether looking to enhance your well being with new gym equipment, yoga mats or nutritional drinks, members can locate their relevant partner here and experience exceptional added value when purchasing.


Nutrition is of paramount importance to our health and vastly improves the quality of peoples lives everyday. Leading Nutritionists around the world, are recommended by Wellbeing to offer their services with unique privileges, to our members. Wellbeing Partners strive to present nutritional solutions that are clear, healthy, tasty and right for the individual. Members can discover the best nutritionists, health food stores and dietitians via our website, or by using the convenient smartphone application.

Personal Development

Ensuring your emotional, mental and spiritual health is of vital importance when taking a holistic approach to your overall Wellbeing. Therapy in its various forms has the ability to transform lives, promote positive change and strengthen relationships. We bring you world leading Therapists, Counsellors and Spiritual Therapists, whose services facilitate the sustaining of your mental, emotional and spiritual Wellbeing.


Become a Global Partner

By becoming a partner you will gain direct promotion of your brand to our database of high-net-worth clients via our private and exclusive ‘members only’ website and application. We create a dedicated profile page showcasing your brand with imagery, bespoke text and direct contacts to you. In return we request that you give our members VIP treatment and the agreed privilege on every occasion. As a partner you will also receive additional exposure via our e-newsletters and all our social media platforms, and you will be able to track success via our partner area of our website and keep your personal contacts, privileges and images fully up to date.

Our Partners

We identify luxury establishments in the world of health, fitness and leisure and join with them as partners, creating unique privileges for our members at each. The loyal relationships we build, allows our members to enjoy a bespoke service and exceptional added value. Wellbeing partners will have immediate access to our network of members and will benefit from exposure to them on a global scale.

Our Members

Our Members make up a global community of influential individuals.
Members located in: London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Barcelona, Shanghai, Berlin, Bangkok, Rome, New Delhi, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, Luxembourg, Doha, Moscow, Sydney, Stockholm, Athens, Las Vegas, Mumbai, Washington, Ho Chi Minh City, Miami, Geneva, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Madrid, San Francisco, Mexico City, Toronto, Vancouver, Istanbul, Singapore, Tokyo, Cape Town and New York.

Over 70+ Cities and 40+ Countries: Europe: 34%, America & Canada: 31%, Asia: 29%, Africa:3%, Oceania: 3%

Statistics: 57% male, 43% female;

Ages: 21-35, 26%; 35-50, 54%; 50+, 20%

Our Members include individuals from some of the world’s most recognisable global corporations, with a high corporate and personal spend. Companies who enjoy Wellbeing

memberships include:

Wellbeing Membership

Wellbeing is the perfect gift for a client, relative, friend or yourself. Wellbeing membership is a health, fitness and leisure luxury unlike any other. It instantly accords you a lifelong VIP status with our Partners and offers hundreds of exclusive privileges, 'added values' and personal contacts.. Membership can be accessed through the interactive website, e-newsletters or smart phone App. This modern approach allows you to access all the member Privileges on the go and a 'need to use' basis.

Wellbeing membership is available to purchase from £1,000 joining fee, with privileges redeemable from £10 per usage.

Join today by contacting our secretary at info@global-wellbeing.com 

10 Year Anniversary Offer

Celebrating 10 years In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Key-2 Luxury, purchase your Wellbeing membership today (Joining Fee £1,000) and receive:

Join Wellbeing today to enjoy this exclusive 10 Year Anniversary offer:  Apply

Join Wellbeing today to enjoy this exclusive 10 Year Anniversary offer:  Apply

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